Our Process for Advocacy and Candidate Endorsement

Anyone who wants to engage in MISD’s affairs and signs the Member Pledge can become a general Member of Midland Students First at no cost by registering on our website. Our members receive information to keep up-to-date on the latest MISD news and have the opportunity to input on our election-year ratings rubric.

Grading & Endorsements
Our membership and board has graded each candidate scorecard. Our broad membership base and PAC board determines our endorsement results and will offer that important information using our media platforms to support the most viable trustee candidates.

With our slate of candidates endorsed, our focus will shift to informing citizens about the importance of informed voting in the November 2020 election. That’s why our members are working diligently across the entire community to ensure voters are aware of the races, candidates and polling locations.

Candidate Questions & Responses
Our PAC board and members have assembled a set of important questions for each trustee candidate. This questionnaire was designed to learn how the candidates approach their role as advisors, problem solvers and leaders. Every candidate has been asked to submit written responses.

Section 1: Brief Personal Profile

  1. Give details of your educational background and your professional experience that you feel will help you when understanding and making decisions about complex school board issues.
  2. Please explain leadership positions and responsibilities that have prepared you for school board governance.

Section 2: Trustee Responsibilities

  1. Describe your familiarity with Texas school financing, and MISD’s revenue sources, expenses, and needs. If you are not familiar, how would you address that knowledge gap?
  2. How would you hold MISD Superintendent accountable for goals and action plans?
  3. As trustee, how would you address the continuing facility needs of the district?
  4. How do you plan to balance the needs of your individual voters with the needs of the whole school district?

Section 3: Student Issues

  1. Please identify three specific issues that you believe must be addressed in order to improve the quality of education in Midland ISD. If elected, what would you do to address each of these issues?
  2. What do “college ready” and “career ready” mean to you? What do you believe Midland ISD’s responsibility is in preparing students for college and/or career?
  3. Do you believe that MISD should consider innovative, non-traditional, public school options (including charter schools). Why or why not?
  4. How would you handle a situation in which a parent called you with frustrations related to a specific student in MISD?

Section 4: Staff Issues

  1. Do you believe it is appropriate to seek input from classroom teachers prior to making District policy decisions that affect the classroom? If your answer is yes, please explain how best to involve teachers in those policy decisions.
  2. Historically, MISD finds itself with fewer classroom teachers than needed for itsstudent population. Please respond and explain your position related to the following:
  3. Do you think MISD has a teacher morale problem? If so, what do you think are the primary causes, and what could you do as a MISD Trustee to improve morale?
  • How can MISD do a better job of recruiting and retaining high quality teachers and principals?
  • Should MISD embrace innovative talent pipelines (such as Teach for America) to fill open teaching positions?
  • Should MISD retain the lowest performing teachers (without signs of improvement)? Why or why not?

Section 5: Community Transparency and Collaboration

14. Explain your goals regarding communication and connection with all Midland ISD stakeholders—students, parents, teachers, school administrators, and the community?

15. Do you believe public education is the responsibility of the community? If so, what ways do you believe other organizations could become involved in helping our schools?