Midland Students First was established to help find, support and elect strong MISD school board officials because we believe that every Midland student deserves a great education. We want to engage every voter in Midland to participate in school board elections and provide resources so that voters can quickly educate themselves on all contestants.

Who We Are

We are a local, non-partisan group of concerned citizens, teachers, parents and employers that believe every student in Midland deserves access to quality public schools. We believe we align with the vast majority of the Midland community who want school board members that put kids first.

Our Tasks

We believe that Midland Students First exists to provide resources that would incentivize more people to become engaged with the local school board as candidates, advocates, or voters. It is our hope to support the good works of the school board by taking on three key tasks:

1. Build a base of informed citizen-advocates in every MISD Trustee District.
2. Offer education and training resources to candidates and Midland Students First members looking for paths of effective management.
3. Use our membership to interview candidates and provide information to the public so that they can make informed decisions.