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What is Midland

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Midland Students First

Midland Students First was established to help find, support and elect strong MISD school board officials because we believe that every Midland student deserves a great education. We want to engage every voter in Midland to participate in school board elections and provide resources so that voters can quickly educate themselves on all contestants.

Role of A School Board Member

Who is Midland Students First?

We are a local, non-partisan group of concerned citizens, teachers, parents and employers that believe every student in Midland deserves access to quality public schools. We believe the ideal school board candidate will closely examine data and promote effective and research-backed policies that address Midland’s unique challenges. Therefore, we exist to educate and inform the public about current School Board Candidates using our media platforms and grass roots efforts during elections. Between elections, we continue to track MISD Board Members and keep “Students First” issues as a top priority.

Is Midland Students First affiliated with Educate Midland, MISD, League of Women Voters, or any charter school group?

No, Midland Students First is not affiliated with any other organization. It is made up of individuals in the Midland community who want to volunteer their time to support the mission of putting students first. We do welcome members to also join other education organizations if interested.

I want to get involved, how can I help?

First, sign up to be a member by registering on our website and tell your friends and family to do the same. Members will help us determine candidate endorsements and be notified of all volunteer opportunities. Second, donate your time to help by volunteering, spreading the word and when the time comes voting. Third, contribute financially, your money will help support voter outreach, voter education and educational opportunities for candidates and community members.

Who can I contact for more information?

Email and one of our members will get back to you promptly.